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msewak 4 box 240 pcs

AED504.00 Save 40%

SKU: 0004

1- box 4 sewak alarak Eligible for FREE Shipping in UAE. 2- sewak alarak box4 of 240 pcs fresh sticks 3- box4 sewak alarak Wholesale price reduced for a limited time at 504 AED including tax.....

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1-✔ - box4 sewak alarak is included in the free shipping within UAE...

2-✔ - msiewak alarak 3box 240 pcs Fresh Oud...

3-✔ - msiewak alarak Box4 at wholesale price is reduced for a limited time at AED 504 including VAT and free shipping...

4-✔ - msiewak is fresh Envelope saved from dust and pollution and Siewak Araak commandment of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the Prophet Istak Bosuak Arak when wudoo 'and before sleep.

4 علب - box 4
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